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Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS)

Country Report: Russia (January 2018)

Puzanova O., Editorial Staff o. t.

The Asan Forum. 2018. Vol. 6. No. 1.

Book chapter
Russian Perspectives on the Third Offset Strategy and Its Implications for Russian-Chinese Defense TechnologicalCooperation

Kashin V.

In bk.: SITC Research Briefs, Series 9 (2017-11). Institute of Global Conflicts and Cooperation, 2017. P. 1-6.

Working paper
Finding itself in the post-Paris world: Russia in the new global energy landscape

Makarov I. A., Henry Chen Y., Paltsev S.

Report 324 . Joint Program Report Series. MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, 2017. No. Report 324.

Main activities of the CCEIS:

  •  research in the spheres of world economy and international affairs;
  •  scientific and methodological guidance of the MS programs: «Iternational relations: European and Asian Studies» and «World Economy»;
  •  information and analytical services for Russian companies and public entities;
  •  joint scientific and educational projects with foreign partners, in particular, hosting the International Chinese-Russian Summer School in International Relations.

VII International Russian-Chinese Summer School “Economic Instruments of Foreign Policy in the Modern World” July 6-13, 2017

Applications are accepted until May 7, 2017

Gateway Geoeconomic dialogue: Where Geopolitics meets business

Anastasia Likhacheva took part in Gateway Geoeconomic dialogue, 13-14 February 2017, Mumbai, India.


New report of Valdai Club is published. It is devoted to Washington, Moscow, and Beijing holding significant resources for cooperating to provide elements of regional security in Central Asia.

HSE Holds Largest Russian-Spanish Academic Congress

The International Congress on Russia and Spain: Politics, Economics, Culture was the first to bring together leading Russian researchers on Spain and Spanish scholars representing various fields of the social sciences and humanities.

Call for Applications for The VI International Russian-Chinese Summer School 'The Role of Institutions in a New Architecture of Global Governance'

On June 30 – July 7, 2016 the VI International Russian-Chinese Summer School 'The Role of Institutions in a New Architecture of Global Governance' will take place. The event is organised by HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs (Moscow) and East China Normal University (Shanghai).

"Why a new Cold War with Russia is inevitable"

Andrej Krickovic and Yuval Weber published a post on the blog "Order from Chaos" (The Brookings Institution). They argue that due to commitment problems and domestic political constraints, the United States and Russia will not be able to reach a sort of grand bargain to settle their differences. A new Cold War, they contend, is likely coming.

For a Good Long While

Dmitry Suslov, Deputy Research Director of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy (SVOP) and Deputy Director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies, writes about global aspects of the new Russia-U.S. confrontation in "Russia in Global Affairs".

New International Relations Working papers are published

In December 2014 two working papers written by CCEIS members were published in the Basic Research Programme Working Paper series

New report on the Geopolitics of Eurasian Economic Integration

New report on the Geopolitics of Eurasian Economic Integration was published with the participation of CCEIS members

Russia’s “pivot” to Eurasia

New essay on Russia’s “pivot” to Eurasia